Our November 11th Grand Opening was standing room only as our guests waited for the ceremony to begin. It was heartening to see former students among the crowd, alongside a wave of community support.

Guiding us through this occasion was WDHS history teacher Nathan Tidridge, serving as our master of ceremonies. We were honoured to receive welcoming remarks from notable figures including Judi Partridge, Former Councillor, Ward 15; Ted McMeekin, Councillor Ward 15; Andrea Horwath, Mayor of the City of Hamilton; Donna Shelly, MPP, Flamborough-Glanbrook; and Dan Muys, MP, Flamborough-Glanbrook.

Special remarks followed from Veteran Robert Thomas, Executive of the Waterdown Legion, whose pivotal role in facilitating the museum’s relocation to the Legion cannot be overstated.

When Rob first approached our branch to find a new permanent home, our president Sheila Latner and the Executive Committee immediately embraced the idea. During a formal presentation, I believe the story shared by former student Matthew Lang absolutely sealed the deal.

Bob Thomas, Executive, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 551

Founder Rob Flosman expressed his gratitude to our community partners, former and current students, and the Legion for providing us with a permanent home. Special thanks was extended to the local businesses and organizations who generously sponsored display cases: Waterdown Legion, WDHS Student Parliament, Rotary Club of Waterdown in memory of Michael and Jean Raper, Waterdown Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Waterdown District Lions Club, Turkstra Lumber, Brown Financial Security Inc. and Brown Lawyers, Birmingham Consulting, and Kitching Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Homes Limited.

What sets our museum apart is its unwavering commitment to embracing the student voice. As Rob Flosman eloquently stated, ‘…to have a young person investigate and embrace their family history – and for a 16-year old to teach their community about their community’s history – it is the greatest legacy a community can leave.’

… if you can harness the spirit of youth and ignite that fire that allows them to shine in their community you have unlocked the secrets of what education is all about.

Rob Flosman, Founder

Special remarks from Veteran and Executive member of Waterdown Legion, Robert Thomas
Founder Rob Flosman delivers a heartfelt speech expressing gratitude to our incredible students and supporters.

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